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Safety Warning ⚠️ As increasing rise in USB Plug Exploding⚠️

We have heard about a rise with cheap counterfeit USB Plugs Exploding while been plugged in to the mains, The plugs are overheating and exploding out of the socket across the room which could cause severe injuries should it make contact with anybody.

Credit: WhizzKid Repairs

Credit: WhizzKid Repairs

Please be sure to check all accessories and make sure there safe to use. WhizzKid Repairs do not handle these accessories and only use safe mark products.

The plug in the above picture is a plug that was sourced from China by WhizzKid Repairs and it clearly shows how dangerous the products really are.

How do they get away with selling this kind of products in the UK!

Stay Safe Guys

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event.

Not long to go now until the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event happens on 20th February 2019 at 7pm GMT.

We are signed up to be one of the first to see the device live on release day.

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We will keep you updated with all information about the all new Samsung Galaxy.