New iPhone 8 Leaks May Have Revealed new High-End “Ferrari” Model

Rumors and unconfirmed leaks about Apple’s next iPhone continue to show up on the internet, months before those iOS devices are expected to be officially revealed. The latest such report claims that Apple will launch three iPhone 8 models, including a high-end unit that has the appropriate “Ferrari” code name.
Apple Insider states these new leaks come from a Sina Weibo user in China who has previously leaked info from the company’s East Asian supply chain. These latest documents claim that Apple has designated D20, D21 and D22 as the internal names for the 2017 iPhone models. These documents also seem to state that the high-end “Ferrari” version will have a large AMOLED display that will be put inside a normal iPhone case, and that it will give owners a near edge-to-edge screen.

In addition, the documents seem to show that the “Ferrari” version will have a new internal design, consisting of two boards connected by a cable. One will have the processor and RAM and the other board will be the home to the phone’s Wi-Fi and cellular hardware. Of course, these are all just rumors for now, so be sure to take this info with a grain of salt.
The new documents seem to be consistent with other previously published rumors about the iPhone 8, but as always none of them have been confirmed by Apple, and likely won’t be until the phones themselves are revealed in the fall of 2017.


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